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Title: Toon Union's Monthly Events
Post by: Decoy on August 27, 2010, 01:38:47 pm
Welcome to our first edition of Toon Union's Wassupppp p?  For the first edition I would like to remind everyone of just exactly what we do here and what we have going on.
   Every Saturday evening starting at 8 p.m. central time we start off a kick ass night with Jelly Shots. That is Toon Union's style of free jelly beans give away! All are welcome to participa te either by throwing to those needy little toons or to come on over and reap the rewards of our hard working bigger toons who want to share the wealth. This event is followed by Invasion Calling!! Thats right, your wish is our command. Need stinky lumpy cheese? Need Ice Cream cones? Maybe those creepy Blood Suckers? Well just let our invasion caller know and he/she will be more than happy to call that just for you! All this takes place in Zany Acres our new home district starting in Toon Town Central with Jelly Shots and moving on over to the Brrrgh playgroun d where you will find me, Decoy, standing on the wall for the first hour, followed by the beautiful LadyBinky Whiskercr ash,Bongo Mcmonkey, and Toxic Waste. As always, all are welcome to sign up for invasion calling. We welcome the help and offer a personali zed badge that can be worn at Toon Union to proudly display your generosit y.
   We also have a live chat room where you will always find someone on to talk to about ToonTown ,ask for help, or set up a VP, CFO,CJ, or CEO run at your whim! Most of the time we also have to go get crappy merits,bucks,notes, and options too so you will 9 times out of 10 have a reliable crew to go with who will not ever intention ally "green you" "make you go sad" OUTRIGHT KILL YOUR TOON!! LOL We here at Toon Union despise little assholes who do that to others and will always go out of our way to help small "gag challenge d" toons ;)
   Here at Toon Union's Forum  (www.toonu ) we also feature A complete ToonTown help guide. We have all flower combinati ons. We have a illustrat ed Fishing Guide, detailed maps for CEO mazes, safe places to stand while CJing to avoid hammers. You name it we have it and if we don't you tell us exactly what you would like to see here and we will get it put together for you. Here at Toon Union you will also find Doodle Master! He is our river ride and he trains doodles all day everyday 24/7 following a schedule of doodle tricks that change nightly. 7 doodle trick 7 days of the week LOL Could ToonTown make it any more convenein t? LMAO
  Our sexxxy ass Mystiklei gh has also started a YouTubbe channel for us and does kick ass psychedel ic videos on all subjects. Such as Jelly Shots, max parties, special events, and pretty much anything and everythin g else. So don't forget to sub us!  www.youtu
   Here at Toon Union we will never ever ask you for a single penny. Everythin g we do here is 100% free to you. It always has been and it always will be. You will find no donate buttons here on our site. In fact if you did try to donate we would hunt you down and stuff it right back into your pockets! If you feel the need to give money away find a respectab le charity like, The Make a Wish Foundatio n. :)  You can have any song you want on your profile page with ZERO censorshi p. You have a profile page you can customize with anything you want in addition to a FREE UserPage for anything you want to do with it. Just make sure our talented and sexy Bongo McMonkey knows what song/music you want by posting in his thread, Bongo's Bumping Beats, and leave the rest to us!
  So, as we wrap up this edition of ToonUnion's Wassupppp, I would just like to remind you all, Free speech is welcome here we do not censor nor ban for any reason other than racism. That is the only thing we do not tolerate here. If you don't like something we did, come on over and **** us out let us know. You will not get into trouble or put on regimod LMFAO We all have a voice here and honesty is what we are all about. No bullshit board members hiding everythin g from members. 100% equal oppurtuni ty for all to come show their asses! All are welcome so let your friends know about us too, if they are easily offended you may want to rethink asking them LOL. So anyway, until next time, Keep Kicking ass Toon Union!!

                                                                                           TOON UNION

Title: Re: Toon Union's Monthly Events
Post by: mystikleigh on August 27, 2010, 02:46:10 pm
I am loving the news idea if u ever need an extra writer lemme know

Title: Re: Toon Union's Monthly Events
Post by: Decoy on August 27, 2010, 02:56:24 pm
Absofucki nglutely LMFAO consider yourself hired!!! and thank you :)